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Blade and Soul Transformation Stone Guide

Hereby, we introduce the materials of Blade and Soul transformation stone to you. Believe many head start players have been full of class (LV45) in 2 days, and ready to upgrade your weapons and armors in Blade and Soul gold, which the transformation stone is very important when breakthrough.

Cinderlands Transformation Stone
This is very expensive for newbie to upgrade the weapon, and sell 65 silver+ in the Blade and Soul Marketplace, you can obtain from contact with the Soul Wardens, generally, you need about cost 5 Cinderlands transformation stone until Moonwater Transformation stone, so if you want to make money in the game, learning crafting is a good way!

Viridian Transformation Stone
1. Complete the teaching task of each class (purple main quests), you can get 1 viridian transformation stone.
2. Crafting the transformation stones in soul wardens crafting guild. It’s next to where you first enter Jadestone Village from Gloomdross Forest and called Soul Shield Artisan.
3. Buy them in Marketplace, now the price is about 5 silver.

Moonwater Transformation Stone
1. In the beta, you can get 1 moonwater transformation stone from Lv40 Survey, but recently we found the survey rewards has changed, no moonwater transformation stone any more after release Blade and Soul.
2. Crafting moonwater transformation stone in cheap blade and soul gold Shield Artisan, you need gather more materials, it is a big work with much gold.
3. Buy it in marketplace (AH).
4. RNG boxes in the shop.

Well, in addition to moonwater transformation stone, viridian transformation stone, and cinderlands transformation stone, there are other transformation stone you can craft via contact with the Soul Wardens. If you do not enough blade and soul gold or items to craft and breakthrough weapons and armors, there is a good bns gold and items store you can choose with warm service 24/7 online.

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